Book 2… Come In Book 2… Book 2 Where are you?

With my debut novel All Tomorrow’s Parties under my belt I am feeling very pleased with myself indeed. Yes it took me ages to actually get around to finishing it.Whilst I can lay most of the blame for the ‘slow burn’ of ATP on the full time day job (FTDJ)  there was still an element of procrastination which I allowed myself to indulge upon . I managed to invoke the 3D’s ( delay, dally and dawdle) and fill myself with so much self doubt that I have surprised myself by actually publishing. With the fear of the first novel gone I now have something new and altogether scarier to worry about….. Book 2.

ATP was as much an exercise in ‘can I do this?’ as anything else. It was me against my own internal demons. Book 2 is a trickier customer. I have raised my own expectations as to what I can achieve and that in itself is enough to make me hide behind the sofa!

So far I have an outline, the main characters and a working title…. ‘Forbidden Colours’. I also have something new – a deadline. Admittedly it is a self imposed deadline, but all the same it’s a deadline. So to keep myself in check I shall share it. I am planning to release my second book in June 2016, yes that’s June 2016. Heaven help me. You may not see me for quite a while and when you do it may not be a very pretty sight. Double espresso here I come…..

Time to break out the big guns
Time to break out the big guns

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