Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?

Who would you invite to dinner?

An easy enough question right? Until you factor in it can be anyone, living or dead, real or fictitious. Where would you even start?

It took a lot of staring out of windows and going off on tangents. I went off on so many tangents that I even looked up the phrase ‘going off on tangents’. Here’s what it said ‘ In geometry a tangent is a straight line that touches a circle or sphere at exactly one point and then runs infinitely away from that point in both directions’. Yep that’s what I did! I became a tangent runner. It was a great exercise for my imagination and I would heartily recommend asking yourself the same question. You can find out who I eventually invited  over at author Diane Burton’s blog  I discuss who I would love to dine with and why.

I’d be interested to know who you would choose and why?

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