Drama Club Calling

Drama Club 3
So lovely readers this week I have managed to have very little sleep. I am flat out with my FTDJ (full time day job), which is giving me palpitations about my lack of writing time. I have developed a guilt complex about not writing enough and am starting to feel I am a member of a real life drama club that I never pitch up to, hence the catchy title of this post –  like it? I knew you would!

This has led me to believe the way forward may be to construct my very own (and some may say childish) game of trying to incorporate my love of writing into my very serious and weighty FTDJ. My characters are at the heart of my writing, after all it’s their story. In order to do them justice I have created a world within a world where I can do what I’m paid to do (FTDJ) and what I’m not paid to do (write). This game is hence forth known as ‘Drama Conundrums’ . If you would like to play along you will need a pen, some blank index cards, a small cardboard box and a bag of boiled sweets.

There is one rule which is very simple:

Rule 1 – Always carry  a few index cards and a pen. Now that wasn’t painful at all!

So here’s how it goes….. Imagine Monday morning 9am, you are travelling to your FTDJ: train, boat, plane it doesn’t matter. Get out an index card &  your pen (if you are driving wait until stationary obviously). You need to answer 2 questions, write each answer on the flip side of the same index card:

  1. Describe the first person you see opposite you (at least 3 lines worth). Write it down, although if you are brave enough you could say it out loud! That may be very entertaining. Everyone has their own little idiosyncrasies, be on the look out, write them down if you spot them.
  2. Describe the weather, again 3 lines minimum. The caveat here is that you must use different words each day, no repeats.

Now do the same on the way home but with 2 different questions:

  1. Describe how you are feeling (tired, stressed, happy etc), use  different words each day.
  2. Write something about an experience you had that day. Can be something simple like getting a smile from the train driver or walking the dog in the rain.Again 3 lines minimum. Now when you get home throw the cards into your cardboard box and pop the lid on.

You can change the questions each week but make sure you do at least a week of the same questions.When you next sit down to write reach into the box and draw out a card. Keep it besides you as you write. Creativity is a tricky thing, sometimes the promise of an idea won’t be apparent until much later which is where the cards may prove helpful in sparking a thought, an idea or a feeling.

I’m resigned to the fact that in the short term I have to take my writing time where I can find it. I’m also resigned to the fact that my first few drafts will suck! However I know in order for me to be the best that I can be I need to write each day, to commit myself day in day out. Drama Conundrums for all its silliness enables me to fulfill that commitment. The boiled sweets I hear you ask? Ah yes the boiled sweets…… that’s a blog for another day….

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