Introducing…..Party For Two by Monique DeVere

Today I am hosting my friend Monique DeVere. Her new book ‘Party For Two’ was released yesterday. Here we discuss life, love and laughter (not necessarily in that order) oh and her new book! To be entered into a competition to win a copy of her new book you can email her here or alternatively add your comment in the comment box along with your email address..

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Monique DeVere is a full-time author of Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Romantic Comedy and Contemporary Romance. She also writes Christian Supernatural Suspense movie scripts. She was born on the beautiful island of Barbados, where she grew up on a large plantation with enough wide-open space to let the imagination run free. She moved to the UK as a teen and shortly after met and fell instantly, and irrevocably, in love with her very own strong-silent-type hero. When Monique isn’t writing or spending quality time with her family, she likes to armchair travel to distant and exciting parts of the world. She considers herself to have the best job on earth.

You can visit her at here where she invites you to join her exclusive Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Readers Club packed full of goodies for her members. Monique loves to hear from her readers, do contact her at

NF: Welcome Monique. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to visit my blog. For those who are not familiar with your writing can you give my readers a brief overview of the types of books you write and where you draw your inspiration from –

MDV: It’s my pleasure to be here, Nicole. Thanks for letting me visit with you. I write fun, light romance with a very spicy edge—sexy romantic comedies, some with mystery and a little suspense. My books lean toward the fluffy category side of the marketplace. If your readers love romances by Harlequin, Mills & Boon, Entangled Lovestruck, or any category romance in general, they’ll love my stories. The only difference is my books are clean for language, so no F-Bombs or anything like that.  Let’s see…where do I draw my inspiration…I’m an idealist and I long for everyone in the world to just love each other. No, I’m not a New Age hippy—although I’ve been known to hug the odd tree. I guess my inspiration comes from a deep desire to bring love to the world. It’s nice to hunker down under a blanket by the fireplace on a wintery night to read a light romance that warms the heart and renews hope in love. That’s my inspiration.  I love feel-good romances, so I write them.

NF: Where did the inspiration for your new release ‘Party For Two’ come from?

MDV: I would like to tell you it was a moment of inspiration while I was at a party or something. But no. Earlier this year, while writing Kiss Me Again (A Candy Hearts novella coming from The Wild Rose Press in January 2016), I saw a promo call for Harlequin Mills & Boon #BlazeBlitz. Since I have hopes of one day writing for Blaze I thought I’d grab the opportunity. By the time I saw the submission call, though, there was only two weeks left to enter, so I made a fast decision to go for it, and came up with the story idea entitled Party For Two. I swiftly wrote the first chap and synop and submitted it. The idea I had was for a series—though I didn’t pitch it as such since each book will stand alone. The Party On series features three girlfriends. I do have plans for more books in the series, but for now, the second book will be Let’s Party Again and the third is Party with Her ex-Brother-in-Law.

NF: I notice your cover is a little different for the covers we normally see on romance novels. Was this your choice or your cover designer’s?

MDV: This was my choice. I wanted something different while still staying true to the romance genre. What can be sexier than silk sheets, right? Can’t you just imagine the tangle of limbs in these pink silk sheets? I wanted the cover to say “hot but tasteful”…just like the book.

NF: Have you always written romantic comedy?

MDV: I’ve always written funny. The type of stories I write I’d like to think fall in line with the romantic comedy movie. The humour in my books comes from what the characters say rather than what they do. Humour is subjective and what makes one person laugh might leave another cold. For instance, slapstick cracks me up, but I don’t enjoy writing it. My natural talent seems to lay with dialogue—both in my life and in my books. I also write Christian Supernatural Suspense scripts which are a little more serious and not at all funny.

NF: What sort of things make you laugh?

MDV: People falling over! I’m sorry, I apologise for having such a warped funny bone.

NF: Do you believe every book should have a happy ending?

MDV: For romance, yes, yes, and yes again! I read to be uplifted so I want happy-ever-after stories. But some stories are simply geared to the sad ending…I don’t read thoseJ. While happy story endings aren’t strictly necessary, at the very least all stories should close on a perception of hope.

NF: Do you have another occupation as well as being a writer? If so what is it and what top tip can you give to other writers in the same position?

MDV: I have degrees in Herbalism and Homeopathy, but I don’t use them. I’m a full-time author, wife; help meet, mum, nanny, chauffeur, family’s personal physician/healer, problem-solver, sounding board, advisor, hairdresser, family Pastor, dream interpreter, personal shopper, babysitter, party planner, gofer and general dogsbody. Oh, and I’m the “bestest cook in the whole world”…apparently.  As you can see, I may not have an official extra job, but I have a lot of people who need me—aka my collection of time-stealers…um…I mean cheerleaders :D. I’ve learned to drag myself out of bed at 3am to write. I think as women, we have to do a lot and to get everything done, we need to plan our days in advance and hope for the best!

NF: Which  book has excited you this year  & why?

MDV: You’re expecting me to name some author and his/her book, aren’t you? Would it surprise you if I said the book that really excited me this year comes from the Bible? Isaiah 43.

Thanks Monique for taking time out today to visit my blog. Here’s wishing you every success with Party For Two.

Thanks for having me, Nicole. It’s been an absolute pleasure to hang with you!

Party For Two is available to order on  Amazon. read an excerpt from Party For Two here


PartyForTwo200x300 (1)

Her sexy weekend fling.


Ex-lawyer turned pregnancy model Danielle Hampton has one simple rule; never date an attorney, even if he’s so deliciously hot she’s nicknamed him His Hotness Esquire. When her father asks her to strap on her silicone bump and pretend to be Casey Lowe’s pregnant fiancée in order to pull her family’s law firm out of trouble, her first answer is a resounding no! But she owes Casey for wrecking his pool.
Civil Rights Attorney Casey Lowe lives by a code of practice: never date his boss’s daughter, but he’ll do just about anything to make partner at the top law firm—even if it means violating his personal code. He hasn’t bargained on the fierce desire that burns hotter than the Mojave Desert and combusts every time he gets his boss’s daughter alone. She may drive him to distraction and melt in his arms, but will this party girl hang around long enough for him to convince her that all the best parties… are for two?

Copyright (c) Monique DeVere 2015

Crystal Swan Publications

All Rights Reserved

Here’s a snippet to wet your appetite…….

“Answer the question, Lowe. Did you or did you not say—”

It should have wiped the smile off his face but if anything it brightened his grin. “Yes, I said it, but—”

“Just the facts, Lowe.”

He chuckled. “Why the hell did you ever give up law?” His mouth landed on hers and she hadn’t even seen it coming.

Dani refused to let her eyes drift shut. Refused to let the sweet sensation of Casey’s lips on hers seduce her. She should pull back. Push him away. She got as far as planting her palms on his chest—his hard chest with the solid muscles that flexed beneath her fingers. Then, as if they operated independently of her brain, her hands bunched in his shirt front, tugged him closer. Her lids became too heavy and fluttered closed. The tip of his tongue caressed the seam of her lips. They softened, parted of their own accord. He accepted the invitation, slid his tongue in slow bewitching strokes inside her mouth. A shudder skittered through her, coaxing a sigh from her.

She was going to push him away… in a minute… any minute now… just one more second…


He made a half growl kind of sound deep in his throat then broke the kiss. “How’s that for a fact?”


Dani blinked. She couldn’t think. Every muscle in her body had jellified. She’d never been kissed stupid before.


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  1. Great interview! I find it interesting you write ‘sweet -n- spicy’ and I write “Inspirational with an Edge” LOL!
    Good luck and God’s blessings with your new release.

    1. Thank you, Pamela. I started an edgy Inspirational romantic comedy/mystery but never finished it when a Christian author friend said to prepare for the huge backlash I was going to get for it. Maybe I’ll finish the story one day…who knows 🙂

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