Kindle Countdown – Now!

If you fancy an edge of your seat read to take your mind of things right now may I suggest my medical thriller Forbidden Colours?
Forbidden Colours is available on what’s called a Kindle Countdown – that’s 99p ($1.14) for 7 days – here’s the link & happy reading…  


2 Replies to “Kindle Countdown – Now!”

  1. I read and reviewed Forbidden Colours some time ago, and it is a marvelous book. Thanks for making it easy to obtain during isolated times! I urge readers to get the book and tell a friend. Nicole Fitton, stay home and stay well!

    1. Thank you Iris, we are all well so far. I hope you are keeping well too. These are strange times we are living through. Stay safe Iris, and thanks so much for dropping by. 🙂

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