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Picture the scene ~ I am happily typing away in my own little world. I have coffee, the luxury of a few weekend hours and enthusiasm! I am in my happy place and 2017 is looking good. I have never been known to do things by half so I have made a commitment to myself. I am to write a collection of short stories and a romantic comedy before Big Ben strikes midnight on December 31st 2017. Cinderella I most certainly am not, no thank you. I do not intend to loose shoes or anything else for that matter. I am ‘power wording’ that’s what I call it. Words are flying off the page. It’s a bit like ‘power walking’ but not as sweaty! Kate my new protagonist is bubbling along at a reasonable pace, then it happens…. Who on earth is Virginia? Virginia has set herself the task of grabbing my attention. She is proving to be a distraction of mighty proportions. Virginia it would seem is a 1920’s socialite with strong ideas about the books I should write in 2017. But I don’t do historical thrillers I argue. In fact, I don’t do historical anything. Don’t get me wrong, I love my history and appreciate it fully…. when written by someone else. Virginia is very stubborn. She will not let me rest until I have written a part of her story. I can hear Kate’s protestations as I close her file and hit file,  new, open.

It is two hours later and I have just surfaced for air. I do not write historical fiction. I do however write the stories that pound the inside of my head demanding a voice. Virginia is one of those voices. As yet I am unsure of her future but as always I will listen. I want to paint her well. I want to allow room for the breath that has been brought to life, space to live. What I do know is that Virginia Swan (nee Penrose) has a lot to say. She is strong and bold and is carrying a secret!

So my lovelies, on this grey overcast day in January my heart has been warmed once again. Today did not turn out the way I’d planned but it has been exciting. It looks as if three books are now on the horizon…. Wish me luck!




5 thoughts on “Hijacked by My Own Mind ~ A Writers Life

  1. Looking forward to following Virginia’s story. With such a wilful character in your head, who knows where this may end up. One of the joys of just letting your mind wander and your fingers tap away. Keep us posted 🙂

  2. I hope I can feed of your enthusiasm! You have a great character when THEY lead You!

  3. I hope I can feed of your enthusiasm. It’s great you have a character when THEY lead YOU!

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