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Today I am really happy to be featuring friend and fellow mystery author Iris Chacon. I am a big fan of Iris’s writing having recently completed another of her novels ‘Finding Miranda‘, a funny heartwarming tale of love and misadventure. Her latest offering ‘Duby’s Doctor’ is quickly making its way to the top of my TBR pile! Welcome Iris, it’s good to have you here. To kick things off  I’m keen to find out where you got your inspiration for Duby’s Doctor?

IC: Duby’s story was inspired by the landscapes, art culture, elaborate mansions, and live-aboard sailboats of Coconut Grove. For years I passed through the magical Grove community on my way to work in the high-rise offices of Miami. The unique aura and ambiance of the Grove always launched my imagination into a happy stratosphere of quirky characters and exotic locations.

NF: Sounds wonderful, and what about Duby, did he stem from anywhere in particular?

IC: Sometimes the girls in my carpool would simply stop in the Grove and watch the panoply of beautiful people (mostly male) passing by. Thus, a secret agent, who lived on a boat and worked undercover in an arms dealer’s mansion, was born. And if he lived in Coconut Grove, he had to be an artsy type, so Agent Yves Dubreau, a/k/a Duby, became a talented sketcher and painter.

NF: I’m loving your work Iris! I’m intrigued to know more, I’m already getting a sense that Duby will find an adventure or two to keep me entertained! Thanks for joining me today and here’s wishing you every success with Duby’s Doctor.

So lovely readers, if Duby’s Doctor is grabbing your attention too read on:

Iris Chacon

When he can steal time away from his undercover assignment (as an arms dealer’s bodyguard), Agent Yves Dubreau jogs with all the other muscular Coconut Grove athletes. He enjoys the morning tai chi group in Peacock Park, and he quietly remains on the fringes of the Grove’s art scene — until he blows his cover and gets himself murdered. When resuscitated, he is a scarred, nameless giant with no memories, no language, and only his drawings with which to communicate. Of course, he still has the same deadly enemies he had in his former life; he just doesn’t know it. Neither does naive, lady surgeon, Dr. Mitchell Oberon. Soon, Duby’s unscrupulous supervisor forces the unsuspecting Mitchell to shelter this recovering “John Doe” in her home and begin teaching him how to live again. Both Duby and Dr. Oberon will learn a lot about living— they just may not be living long. A murderous arms dealer will soon be stalking them.

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Wow… I love a good murder mystery! Want more? Yep I thought so… Iris has kindly given her permission for me to post a snippet. Feast your eyes…

Excerpt from Duby’s Doctor, Chapter 10

[context:  Mitchell picks up John/Jean from his maintenance job at St. Luke’s Daycare.]


“He’ll be right out,” the nun said. “He’s all right. We were just cleaning him up. It looked worse than it is. The bleeding seems to have stopped—”


“—and the paramedics said—”


“—they don’t think Mister Kavanaugh’s ribs are broken, just bruised—”


“—and the police said, since nobody seems to want to press charges, — ”


“—that we can just forget about it. Of course, Jean had to be punished for hitting—”


“—so he had to run laps. And that started the nosebleed again. But everything’s all right now. Here he is.”

Jean limped out of the back room, holding a bloodied washcloth against his nose.

Sister Elizabeth sighed. “It’s been an exciting day.”

Mitchell studied Jean from head to toe, incredulous. She pointed at his swollen left knee. “You ran on concrete? And hitting? You were hitting! The children?”

“Oh, dear, no!” said Sister Elizabeth. “He was hitting Mister Kavanaugh.”

Mitchell stared at Sister Elizabeth and back at Jean. “You ran on concrete and you hit Mister Kavanaugh? Who is Mister Kavanaugh?”

“Debbie’s father,” answered Sister Elizabeth.

Mitchell was looking at Jean. “Excuse me, Sister, but unless Kavanaugh cut his tongue out, I’d like to hear Johnny answer something. John, why did you hit Debbie’s father?”

Jean pulled the washcloth away from his face to say, “He hits Debbie.”

After a pause, Mitchell muttered, “I told you never to run on the concrete.”


About the Author:

Iris ChaconIris Chacon has written for radio, television, motion pictures, and magazines for more than 30 years. She has taught writing-related courses at Christian schools from grade 5 through college, and she has worked as a musician. Duby’s Doctor is her fifth novel, and it carries on the Chacon tradition of good, clean fun, mystery, humor, romance, and a “sunshine state of mind.” Iris hails from the Sunshine State, Florida, where her ancestors have lived since Florida was a Spanish colony before the United States existed. She is working on her next novel, which incorporates many of the adventures she has enjoyed in the American Southwest.

To connect with Iris Chacon:

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  1. Like you, Nicole, I loved Finding Miranda. Which means this next book from Iris is a no-brainer – onto my TBR list it must go 🙂 Great post, by the way.

  2. Thanks so much for a lovely article, Nicole, and for your sweet words about Finding Miranda as well. I am proud to know a talented author such as yourself. You’re as generous and helpful as you are brilliant, and that’s a rare combination. Very best regards,
    Iris Chacon

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, I am really touched.You are most welcome to visit anytime Iris. I really loved Finding Miranda and I’m sure that Duby’s Doctor we be equally as good! Here’s wishing you every success 🙂

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