Fickle February and a Few Good Reads

February will see my loyalties scattered to the four winds, hence the title. I shall be reading, writing, party planning, dog walking, pregnancy managing (the dog, not me), working the day job, traveling, encouraging (the kids – exams… nuff said), and possibly making a few cakes! Sadly I have planned no holidays in February, I must be slipping! As you can see I will be busy!

Today has already been productive. And it’s not even 10 am. I have been to the beach and it was glorious. Yes, past tense. We had to make a run for it as the rain decided to make a guest appearance. I now sit, Cappuccino in hand secured behind the wheel of my car with a lovely view of sea mist. Was it worth the extra early start? In short, yes… if the dog’s happy then I’m happy, my house is simple like that! She is wet from surfing the waves and the car is filled with the smell of fragrant coffee and  ‘eau de woof’.

January came and went. We had buckets of rain, a plethora of mud and enough wind to take the wood from the trees – branches mainly, which are now nicely drying in my shed – kindling anyone?

On the plus side, I didn’t need to water the garden, I now have my very own mud bath (the envy of hippos everywhere), and enough wood to start as many fires as is practical.

Because of the weather, I fared well both reading and writing. My sad ol’ bar chart of books I’ve read in 2018 is looking less sad.

Here’s how January ended:

Target –  to read 5 smashingly lovely books

Total read – 6… well, technically 5 as one was an audiobook.

So what were they, and did any of them meet the challenges I set for the year?

I managed to tick the ‘new author’ (Anne John – Ligali) and the ‘historical fiction’ box ( Freda Lightfoot & Gill Paul). Whoop whoop… I’m off the blocks, 2 down 10 to go. I also read books that weren’t a part of my challenge, and most enjoyable they were too!

My January reads were:

The Big Event by Anne John – Ligali 

Finding Miranda by Iris Chacon – Audiobook

The Amber Keeper by Freda Lightfoot

The Secret Wife by Gill Paul

The Fifth Wheel by Lynne Fellows

Killman Creek by Rachel Caine

I haven’t quite gotten around to posting all of the reviews on GoodReads yet but I will!

I am already ensconced in another 2 books… February is looking good!

Writing, did someone mention writing?

Yes, I did….more about that tomorrow. Right now I need to get my motor running and head out on the highway before the aromatic Poppy sends me exploding into space….. TTFN x



Photo by Gene Taylor, Unsplash.

5 thoughts on “Fickle February and a Few Good Reads

  1. I need a rest after all that activity LOL You sure do pack a lot in. When are the pups due? Can’t wait to see some pics …and of the baking too 🙂
    Thank you for reading one of my stories – you’re a gem!
    Enjoy the coffee and have a super-duper weekend.

    1. I do like to be busy Lynne! Poppy shall be going to see her ‘gentleman friend’ the week after next so pups hopefully April/May.. very exciting. I so enjoyed ‘The Fifth Wheel’, I will leave a review when I get a moment, apologies for not doing it sooner. Can’t wait to read ‘Casualty of Court’ when it’s released. Thanks Lynne for stopping by

      1. I should be thanking you – and I do, wholeheartedly 🙂
        Have a fab week. Hope it’s not too cold as the forecast suggests. Stay warm and all the best for Poppy and her beau. Can’t wait to see the pics. Poppy’s puppies – that’s a perfect titles for a cosy LOL

  2. I’ve only read one of the books you mention, I do enjoy Rachel Caines. Good luck with your challenge Nicole! What’s next on your agenda then?

    1. Thanks for stopping by Nathan. Yes Rachel Caine is good isn’t she? I would urge you to step outside of your comfort zone and try something different. Next on my agenda is …. something off my top 12 list! That’s all I’m saying for now. I’ll post something at the end of February- stay tuned Nathan, stay tuned!

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