Captions, Subtitles and Text…

I’ve recently read an opinion piece in The Guardian about the use of subtitles and found myself nodding along as I read. I had not realised having subtitles on was a thing’. I’d just thought it was another of my kids quirky teenage ways! Turns out I was wrong. A recent study showed that four out of five viewers aged 18-25 said they used subtitles all or part of the time – and it’s not because they are hard of hearing! Obviously I’m not as down with the kids as I thought, but it was encouraging to see that reading in all its forms is keeping up with the times. In a world with so many distractions reading is carving out a new way of reaching people -particularly the younger generation who seem to multitask on an epic scale! I’m what’s termed ‘old school’ and can’t think of anything finer than holding and reading a physical book but for today’s kids social media, phones, streaming etc. are as commonplace to them as bookshelves are to me. Now I’m not for one second saying what you’re thinking… no no no, in my opinion nothing can replace a physical book however, there has always been extra room for progress and creativity. A good story will always find a way whether audio, visual or good old fashioned page turning.

The last month I’ve been working with my publisher putting the final touches to the cover of my short story collection which is due for release at the beginning of 2023. I can’t wait to share details with soon.

So until next time keep reading in whatever way works for you 🙂