April 1st 2017 ~ Brace Yourselves…

The ultimate in fake news April 1st, 2017 does not disappoint. Here’s my top five ‘fake news’ favourites.

1. Skin & Tonic ~ The Gin Spa. If only this were true! Those clever people at Groupon have even come up with a short advert on YouTube. The blurb reads:

“Groupon has teamed up with June Iper, the creative director behind London-based spa, Skin & Tonic, to create a gin inspired wellness experience. Instead of regular steam, the water used is infused with a high-quality gin that contains botanicals including coriander seeds, orris root and cassia bark.”


Superb right? The possibilities are endless – Prosecco Spa, Red Wine Spa, Rum Spa….

2. Google Wind – Why not? As it continues its plan for world domination why not invent a windmill to blow away the clouds? It gets my vote!



3. Not to be outdone Amazon have done themselves proud… Introducing the Petlexa via Amazon Echo. It allows your pet to place orders for themselves with Amazon. Just think if it were true. You arrive home to discover a hundred weight of gravy bones and sausages!


4. One for all you drivers out there. Honda Dream Laboratories present to you an emoji driver to driver communication system. Offering drivers expressive horn sounds matched to a variety of emojis! Check them out..


5. Last but by no means least Google Japan have outdone themselves. Introducing the bubble wrap keyboard! Ah but it is so much more. It’s a keyboard, a stress reliever, and an olfactory sensation!

So there you have it. A bit of light-hearted fun to make you smile on a Saturday. What April Fools fakery have you come across? Please leave me a comment.

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