Top 5 Summer Reads

I expect the same from my holiday reading as I do from my holiday. I want it to be fun, enjoyable, and occasionally,┬ásomething that gets my heart racing! Holiday reads can be fast paced or tear jerkers, above all, they must engage me. As long as I don’t have to concentrate too hard, then they have served their purpose. I want my summer reads to be:

  • Enjoyably easy going
  • Not too serious, let me re phrase that – not too depressing…
  • A bit of a roller coaster
  • Something I can dip in and out of without needed to do any re reading
  • Interesting characters
  • Action adventure or romantic mayhem, I really don’t mind .

So, if like me you want your summer reading to be all of the above then read on. Here are my top 5 books for Summer 2016:

  • According to Yes by Dawn French – Light, warm and funny.
  • The Sister by Louise Jensen – Edge of your seat page turner.
  • The Shadow Hour by Kate Riordan – If you like a bit of Gothic mystery this is for you.
  • The Girl in The Ice by Robert Bryndza – Crime, detective, serial killer thriller.
  • Strictly Between Us by Jane Fallon – Light, enjoyable fun read.

There were plenty of others that could have gone onto my list but…. ah well… this is it! They have all been released in 2016, and, you may be able to download a few for less than the cost of an iced tea! Until next time dear friends Bon Voyage..

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The Art of Summer Reading….

There is something a bit special about reading a book in the summer time don’t you think? Don’t get me wrong, there is something special about reading a book in winter too, that will be a post later in the year. Summer reading though, requires a lot more thought and organisation of the reading arena. Especially if you are on holiday! This is my tongue firmly in cheek look at some of those non essential items needed(?) for stress free reading.

For me, there absolutely has to be sunshine. If it starts with rain, then I’m off. Sunshine, can however, prove pretty disruptive. There are sunglasses and sun cream, not to mention things that buzz and sting, oh, and sand… plenty of sand or, depending where you are, mud….. plenty of mud. So, before we all head for: the beach, the countryside, the city, the pool, the lake, the cruise, the campsite (delete as appropriate), I have come up with a few nifty items that may/may not, make your reading moments, a five star experience. I want my summer reading, to be like an all inclusive summer resort; everything at my fingertips without too much thinking. Right then so off we go:

  • For every ‘new’ book you take, throw in a ‘re read’ of a favourite. This is something I did recently, and was glad I did. Now we have e readers it makes it lighter on the luggage allowance too. I had taken along a book by a new author, but, within 30 pages, I was loosing the will to live. Not really what you want on holiday. Thankfully I was able to flip back to my comfort zone with one of my all time faves ~ ‘Love in The Time of Cholera‘ by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It had the immediate effect of lifting my mood and creating that all important ‘feel good factor.’
  • Always take a resealable bag or a colourful yard of silk… it’s up to you. The yard of silk will make your book/e reader look and feel immense, and that dear friends, is the size of it. It could, in theory, double up as a sarong. It could, also be a rather interesting talking point. Holiday makers may try in vain to figure out, why you felt it necessary to wrap up your book.The resealable bag, on the other hand, has no style, but lots of practicality. The bag needs to be able to comfortably fit your e reader or paperback. Please don’t tell me you take hardbacks with you? Really? Although, I have to fess up. When Donna Tart’s ‘The Goldfinch‘ came out in hardback, I did schlep it everywhere, even when visiting the rellies…but, I hasten to add, that was a ‘Winter read’, which is altogether a different beast! A resealable bag can work wonders. It can protect from the most savage of onslaughts.
  • It can:
    • Protect against sand
    • Guard against spillage
    • Store stuff other than your book
  • A small reading light. You know the ones, they perch onto the top of your paperback and shine an arc of light! Very handy in most holiday situations. Obvs. if you have an e reader you wont need one, unless you have found another use for it….
  • At least 2 bookmarks.I like to make special holiday bookmarks, crocheted in bright colours! Do I? No I don’t… but I do like the idea… emm…
  • A mirror that can attach to the top of said e reader/paperback. Because, let’s face it, there are always times when we want to know what’s going on behind us!
  • Get yourself an Itsa beach bag/towel. Is it a bag, is it a towel? Who knows, but it does have pockets! Check it out here

OK so that’s me done. Tomorrow I will promise to be a little more serious ( but only a little..) and let you in on my top summer reads for 2016. For now I shall leave you with some lovely holiday snaps to get us in the mood….


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