Today Today its a dream away

Ah the 1980s… when times were good and drinks were cheap. How many of us still listen to the same music we listened to in the 80s and still find something to sing about? Admittedly there was a lot seriously wrong and I mean seriously wrong with this decade but most of the music is as vibrant today as it ever was. I listened this afternoon to a Talk Talk album and remembered how great their song Today was. It has taken up residence in my head and is now refusing to leave. So dear readers I encourage you, if there is an old song that will spice up your life go and drag it from the itunes store kicking and screaming and give it a listen. You’ll be surprised at how happy it makes you feel!

Hello world!

Well hello there. Welcome to the world according to Nicole Fitton. I am an author and freelance writer. My first book ‘All Tomorrows Parties’ has just been published on Amazon.

My blog will be full of completely random moments about my writing journeys that either tickle me or really get my goat. Either way my aim is to make my ramblings entertaining. So dear reader if you want to add a little sunshine into an otherwise grey day then please feel free to keep checking back or following me or listing me or whatever they call it these days.Enjoyment is the name of the game, nothing too highbrow!

I see an horizon full of fun times oh and marshmallows…. lots and lots of marshmallows…..