Book 2… Come In Book 2… Book 2 Where are you?

With my debut novel All Tomorrow’s Parties under my belt I am feeling very pleased with myself indeed. Yes it took me ages to actually get around to finishing it.Whilst I can lay most of the blame for the ‘slow burn’ of ATP on the full time day job (FTDJ) ┬áthere was still an element of procrastination which I allowed myself to indulge upon . I managed to invoke the 3D’s ( delay, dally and dawdle) and fill myself with so much self doubt that I have surprised myself by actually publishing. With the fear of the first novel gone I now have something new and altogether scarier to worry about….. Book 2.

ATP was as much an exercise in ‘can I do this?’ as anything else. It was me against my own internal demons. Book 2 is a trickier customer. I have raised my own expectations as to what I can achieve and that in itself is enough to make me hide behind the sofa!

So far I have an outline, the main characters and a working title…. ‘Forbidden Colours’. I also have something new – a deadline. Admittedly it is a self imposed deadline, but all the same it’s a deadline. So to keep myself in check I shall share it. I am planning to release my second book in June 2016, yes that’s June 2016. Heaven help me. You may not see me for quite a while and when you do it may not be a very pretty sight. Double espresso here I come…..

Time to break out the big guns
Time to break out the big guns

3 Top Tips

As I sit here in Sorrento being distracted by beautiful people,wearing beautiful clothes and speaking a beautifully language I thought it may be helpful to move away from the many distractions and pass on my top 3 tips of what works for me. What do you do when there are still 60,000 words to go and you need to focus ( today being a case in point)? These may seem over simplistic or to some just plain foolish but hey they work for me. If you try them and they work for you wonderful, let me know and we can feel smug together! Continue reading “3 Top Tips”

The Art of Procrastination

I have the pleasure of a day. A day where I can choose to do whatever I want to do. I want to write, I never seem to have time to write, but today is the day I can spend my day thrashing out the plot for my second book. This is how my day goes:

I walk the dog

I make a coffee

I look out of the window

I switch on the computer ( yea progress)

I make more coffee

I put some washing on

I read my emails

I pay some bills

I have some lunch

I hang the washing out

I walk the dog – again!

I bake a cake

I have more coffee ( & cake..)

I sit at my computer

I tidy my desk

I look out of the window

I have run out time……

I am afflicted. I seem to have developed the art of procrastination. My biggest problem is myself. I have written precisely 117 words. At this rate my second novel will be ready in about 5 years! Whilst doing some important research (?) on Youtube I found this…. it sums up my day perfectly….

Competition Time…

So lovely people it’s competition time. Up for grabs are 2 signed copies of my book ‘All Tomorrow’s Parties’. All you have to do is answer the following two questions:
1. What company does Laine Marshall work for?
2. Which countries is the book set in?

Please send your answers and your address via email with the heading Competition to:

Closing date 31st October.
Winners will be chosen at random from the correct entries received and notified after the closing date.
Good luck!
All Tomorrow’s Parties by Nicole Fitton

Day off… not really

So today is a day off, well I say a day off. Its a day to catch up on all the things I’ve tried and failed to fit into the last four days.This has resulted in a backlog of ‘stuff’ that needs to be actioned. Where does this ‘stuff’ come from? And why on earth is there always so much of it when all I want to do is write! Today’s stuff consists of calling people about stuff, sorting out stuff, paying stuff,getting rid of stuff and cleaning stuff. Who knew ‘stuff’ would play such an important part in today’s theatre of life. Once I’ve finished with my stuff, I shall hopefully get some time to write! Watch out for a fab competition that will be coming up in the next few days. A chance to win a signed copy of my book. Until then back to doing stuff!