Brexit ~ A Dystopian Novel….

Well it could be, couldn’t it? What a great dystopian novel Brexit would have made. The truth of our time though, is nervous, much more edge of the seat ‘action adventure’ right now, don’t you think?

Love it or loath it, this is where we are; dystopian for some, utopian for others.Whilst we take time to reflect and ponder the new world order, I feel I have been dropped into an environment where I no longer know the real rules. Are the rules any different? I think so, but I just don’t know! Shockingly, nor does anyone else. Now whilst this is mildly amusing, it is also a tad unsettling. I feel slightly discombobulated (a word I never, ever, thought I would find a home for…). I am a ‘glass half full’ type of gal and with that as my armour I have decided to adopt  a ‘yes we can’ approach. Neale Donald Walsch famously said:

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Sometimes life does begin at the end of your comfort zone, and  now feels like one of those times.Let the games begin…

As with any good book, the beginning is a journey of discovery. You get to know the characters, uncover the challenges they face. That’s where we, as citizens of the UK, now find ourselves. Willingly or unwillingly, we are at the beginning of a new book. The rest of the story has not yet been written. Each and everyone of us has the ability to take it where we want it to go. Our life now truly is a stage.

So, with my best foot forward and an eye for adventure (oh and a new frock..), I shall look to the future. In my own very small, individual way, I shall blaze a trail for positivity. I have my sights set on the end of our new book being filled with love and hope. For some, yesterday may have seemed dystopian, for others, maybe it was utopian. I am praying that when the citizens of the USA take to the ballot box in November it will be not end up as an apocalyptic tale!