Ta Da!!!

After months and months of backwards and forwards with myself, I have taken the proverbial bull by it’s now over extended horns. I have changed the cover for All Tomorrow’s Parties. A very exciting day and a steep learning curve for me. I designed the original cover myself ( not that I know anything about design) but I knew it could be better. I recently hired a great guy called James who has worked his magic… ta da…. the new cover.

All Tomorrow's Parties - High Resolution (1)

I love it so much that I shall be enlisting his services again, for book 2…. more of that over the coming weeks. In the meantime toodle pip.

The Writing of Lists and Other Tales….

Hands up who writes lists??? Don’t all jump up at once!

I love a list. It makes me feel organised, amidst a life of chaos. It can literally be a list about anything. I write lists about big things, such as moving house, or small insignificant things, such as what to buy for tea. I take my hat off to the people who invented the magnetic ‘ to do’ list which, is attached to my fridge – genius! There is no greater sense of self worth than placing the proverbial tick against a completed task. It sings of order and control. I love being in control, maybe that’s it! Judging by the amount of lists that are out there ( top 10 books, top 10 songs, top 10 movies, top 10 restaurants – you get the picture), I am not alone.

If you too are a lover of lists, you are in very good company. Read on…

  1. Galileo wrote a shopping list outlining the equipment he needed for his amazing telescope amidst everyday groceries- I kid you not!
  2. According to Italian novelist Umberto Eco, in an interview for Der Spiegel we like lists because we don’t want to die. Now that makes sense to me.
  3. Martin Luther King prepared a historic list of ‘integrated bus suggestions’ after the supreme court ruled that segregation was unconstitutional! Powerful stuff!


Did you see what I did there? I managed to sneak in my own sneaky list! If you can not get enough listage (yep made that word up!), may I be as bold to direct you to 2 amazing places:

Listverse – a cornucopia of delights for list lovers.

Lists of Note – a truly wonderful book by Shaun Usher which contains a fascinating look at famous lists from across the centuries. A captivating read for all you lovers of lists.

Time for me to go and write a few lists of my own…. a  how to write more each day list would be very helpful right now!

Tell me, what are your favourite type of lists and why?


Top 5 Summer Reads

I expect the same from my holiday reading as I do from my holiday. I want it to be fun, enjoyable, and occasionally, something that gets my heart racing! Holiday reads can be fast paced or tear jerkers, above all, they must engage me. As long as I don’t have to concentrate too hard, then they have served their purpose. I want my summer reads to be:

  • Enjoyably easy going
  • Not too serious, let me re phrase that – not too depressing…
  • A bit of a roller coaster
  • Something I can dip in and out of without needed to do any re reading
  • Interesting characters
  • Action adventure or romantic mayhem, I really don’t mind .

So, if like me you want your summer reading to be all of the above then read on. Here are my top 5 books for Summer 2016:

  • According to Yes by Dawn French – Light, warm and funny.
  • The Sister by Louise Jensen – Edge of your seat page turner.
  • The Shadow Hour by Kate Riordan – If you like a bit of Gothic mystery this is for you.
  • The Girl in The Ice by Robert Bryndza – Crime, detective, serial killer thriller.
  • Strictly Between Us by Jane Fallon – Light, enjoyable fun read.

There were plenty of others that could have gone onto my list but…. ah well… this is it! They have all been released in 2016, and, you may be able to download a few for less than the cost of an iced tea! Until next time dear friends Bon Voyage..

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