Book 2… Come In Book 2… Book 2 Where are you?

With my debut novel All Tomorrow’s Parties under my belt I am feeling very pleased with myself indeed. Yes it took me ages to actually get around to finishing it.Whilst I can lay most of the blame for the ‘slow burn’ of ATP on the full time day job (FTDJ) ┬áthere was still an element of procrastination which I allowed myself to indulge upon . I managed to invoke the 3D’s ( delay, dally and dawdle) and fill myself with so much self doubt that I have surprised myself by actually publishing. With the fear of the first novel gone I now have something new and altogether scarier to worry about….. Book 2.

ATP was as much an exercise in ‘can I do this?’ as anything else. It was me against my own internal demons. Book 2 is a trickier customer. I have raised my own expectations as to what I can achieve and that in itself is enough to make me hide behind the sofa!

So far I have an outline, the main characters and a working title…. ‘Forbidden Colours’. I also have something new – a deadline. Admittedly it is a self imposed deadline, but all the same it’s a deadline. So to keep myself in check I shall share it. I am planning to release my second book in June 2016, yes that’s June 2016. Heaven help me. You may not see me for quite a while and when you do it may not be a very pretty sight. Double espresso here I come…..

Time to break out the big guns
Time to break out the big guns

3 Top Tips

As I sit here in Sorrento being distracted by beautiful people,wearing beautiful clothes and speaking a beautifully language I thought it may be helpful to move away from the many distractions and pass on my top 3 tips of what works for me. What do you do when there are still 60,000 words to go and you need to focus ( today being a case in point)? These may seem over simplistic or to some just plain foolish but hey they work for me. If you try them and they work for you wonderful, let me know and we can feel smug together! Continue reading “3 Top Tips”