April Update

Two posts in one month – crumbs what’s happening? Well, quite a lot as it happens!

Whilst the shepherds hut is now perfectly placed (photo’s to follow next time…) it is not yet fit for purpose. It is still lacking electricity & plumbing. Once the spark & the water guy have done their thing it will leave only the steps to make (once the wood arrives) – soon I hope to do more than just look at it!

Has anyone else noticed how long everything seems to take these days – I ordered a desk which has taken 4 weeks to arrive, a chair – eta 10 weeks, and even something as basic as wood seems to have a delivery date of who knows when!

As they say all good things come to those who wait and I reckon I’m in for a whole heap of goodness over the coming months. Talking of waiting, my writing friends and I finally got to return to the most loveliest of places for the first time in over two years – Agatha Christie’s Greenway. Until the pandemic hit I had escaped to Greenway once a year to focus on nothing but my writing. It is a place where magic happens and I can honestly say I get more writing done in the week I’m there than anywhere else. I’m hoping I can somehow channel the Greenway vibes and turn my little hut into a creative oasis – I’ve already brought a Camillia…

Hopefully the next time I tune in I will be waxing lyrical about sinking into a plush chair and writing at my new desk…

Sitting watching the world go by…
A seal popped it’s head up to say hello, but by the time I got my camera ready all I caught were these lovely boats!


Yesterday April 3rd was a very big day at Fitton HQ – drum roll please…. I’m happy to announce that I signed a publishing contract for my flash fiction short story collection. My collection is now in the hands of my publisher and it’s anticipated the book will be available in all good book shops and online toward the end of the year – just in time for Christmas :). The collection has been a true labour of love and it will be wonderful to see it in print. I’ll be able to share the title and the cover with you over the coming months. It is all very exciting!

In other news – my new creative space arrived a few weeks ago, and as shepherds huts go it’s not too shabby! I’m just awaiting the electrician and the plummer (who are as rare as hens teeth these days) and then it’ll be all systems go! I’ll post some pics over the coming weeks. It was a bit nail biting getting it in place, but now it’s here I intend to make good use of it!

November Musings

opened book on tree root

The clocks rolled back a few weekends ago, but with the sun still shining and the unseasonably mild temperatures it’s hard to believe it really is November. Anyone that doubt’s the existence of climate change needs to hot foot it over to England right now! As daylight hours get shorter my excuses as to why my writing is taking so long start to dry up. No more digging over the garden, or taking the dog on long walks – November is here and it’s time to get serious! Thoughts of writing aside, it is already a busy month for me. Family visits and lots of day job nonsense mean that my writing is squeezed into the smallest of spaces. Somewhere between showering and my first Teams meeting I can usually find 10 minutes or so to write, but it is never enough, and I can never really give my writing the attention it deserves, so, I have opted for a quick retreat back in Oxford. The only thing on my agenda for the next three days is writing – no distractions – no excuses!

I have just received suggested edits back from my lovely editor so the next few days I’ll be working on these. Timing is everything and for once it is working in my favour. Fingers crossed I put the hours I have to good use and don’t succumb to the curse of all writers – procrastination!

Winter is coming – it’s time to write my heart out during daylight hours then pat myself on the back and snuggle by the fire with a glass of something fruity. I may even grab one of the many books on my tbr pile! Wish me luck!

The Illusion of Time

I’ve given up trying to figure things out. Take my advice don’t even try! Just when I think I’m close to understanding something – boom there it goes!Like a constantly changing puzzle I’m left holding a weirdly shaped piece with little understanding of how or where it may fit. I am of course talking about my writing.

Today I’ve been busy with my work in progress. I’m about half way through with a reasonable idea of where it may land, although, as you may have gathered I have had a few curve balls to deal with. I do get distracted quite easily and when not ‘day jobbing’ or writing here’s a few of the other things that have been keeping me out of trouble…

Last year my gardening skills were exemplary, we brought a greenhouse, and gave our garden a good once over worthy of Charlie Dimmock. We were rewarded with an abundance of produce. This year my skills can only be described as shoddy, and (rightly so). We’ve had a handful of potatoes and a couple of yellow courgettes to brag about! Even the greenhouse tomatoes have refused to turn red! I’m blaming the wet weather and the army of slugs who have marched across my raised beds! But time has marched on regardless without so much as a backward glance at my decimated broccoli!

Unlike last year we have been lucky enough to celebrate with our son and daughter in law. After a years delay they finally did it and got married. It was the most wonderful of days full of laughter and love. It was so good to be with so many people again – it almost felt ‘normal’ and reminded me how much I’ve missed it. I will never again take such freedom for granted.

So with Summer turning to Autumn and the garden kind of taking care of itself I turn my attention back to my current novel. The odd shaped pieces still haven’t found their home but I’m confident that with a bit more time and attention all will be well.

In November I’ll return to Oxford and spend a few days looking down the backs of sofa’s and underneath tables. There are a few more pieces to find but with a fair wind and time on my side I’m hoping to complete book 4 by Christmas.

Beautiful Day…
The rusty wheelbarrow put to good use with wildflowers!
Now where does this piece fit??
Thanks to Unsplash for the photo

Head Space in Oxford

A few weeks ago I packed up my pens, notebooks & laptop and headed to the wonderful city of Oxford.

Every year I endeavour to find a few days to cut myself off, put my head down, and do nothing but write. Time to fully immerse myself in my writing is as rare as hens teeth in my world so, when the time comes around I grab it with both hands and dive in.

This was my first time ‘retreating’ in Oxford, and it did not disappoint. I stayed at a wonderful place owned and run by nuns (yes, seriously I did), and at times it felt like I had landed somewhere between Call the Midwife and Inspector Morse!

There was a library, a chapel and a TV room, but I spent pretty much all of my time writing in my room. My friend and fellow writer Rosie Canning and I would get together each day over lunch and dinner but outside of that is was all about the words!

I had time to think, time to stare into space, and time to imagine. In the few days I was away I managed to write over 7000 words. I was as pleased as punch with my achievement and it gave me a much needed kick up the behind! My WIP now stands at just under 30,000 words, and with a fair wind and perhaps another few days away in Oxford later this year anything could happen!

How could you not write?? Just look at those windows!
A well deserved meal out on our last night in Oxford and a cheeky glass of rose to boot!

Aftermath ~ A Response by Writers to the Covid 19 Pandemic

This week sees the release of Aftermath a collection of work by writers in response to the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic. When disaster strikes most writers turn to words – I am no different and my piece ‘Sailing’ is featured.

Aftermath will have your emotions roller coasting this way and that. It features messages of hope, cries for help and random acts of kindness in a variety of forms. It includes short stories, poetry, flash fiction, memoir, script and everything in between.

We are all living in extraordinary times and this collection of mainly fictional tales offers insight into what the world looks like from multiple perspectives. It has been wonderful to be involved in such an important and insightful part of history making, thank you Bridge House Publishing.

Aftermath is available in both hardback and e-book direct from Bridge House Publishing here or via Amazon below. I hope you enjoy reading it.

May Tidings

UK bookshops have recently reopened (hurrah) and this alone makes me feel a whole lot better. I’ve had my first vaccination, with my second one due in a few weeks time – things are definitely on the up!

Like so many I’ve now had 2 lockdown birthdays (no I’m not the Queen), and this years celebrations were a vast improvement on last years. We managed to sit outside and have brunch at our local vineyard a few weekends ago, last year it was a take away curry and another box set on Netflix!

On the writing front I am still rocking the two book parallel writing theme, and have set down 10,000 historical and 3,000 contemporary new words. Whilst this is good news it could have been a lot more. With no writing retreats to run off to, juggling my day job and everything else has proved a real challenge. I think this is true for a lot of people who’ve been working from home. My day job, or as some like to call it my ‘real job’ (heathens!) has crowded into the spaces where my writing used to be; what was once my sacred writing space is now my day job office. With restrictions easing I’m hoping to claw it back and actually leave the house to work at some point in the future – now wouldn’t that be nice?

On the plus side I have been reading tons in an attempt to decompress from endless Teams meetings. Don’t get me wrong, I think virtual engagement is a wonderful thing but there is just so so much of it. You can still be working without the need to be on screen the whole time.

I recently re visited The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood – this book gets me every time. I find her writing inspiring, and visceral, and scarily real, and absolutely bloody brilliant!

As I stroll around my garden I stare down at the daisies. I recall a line from the above mentioned book which makes me smile.

“Don’t let the bastards grind you down.”

And on that cheery note….

To all of you wonderfully inspirational women out there. Thank you for your tenacity, courage and perseverance – keep going – it’s a long road but we will get there xx